There are people we meet in life who emanate a light so powerful it speaks to the eternal.  The question is whose light has radiated in your life so much so it has shifted the very make up of who you are, propelling you to a new method of thinking or creating a new way of life? Was it Nelson Mandella, Dr. King or Malcom X? How about Michael Jordan or Oprah Winfrey? Maybe it is President Obama and The First Family?

“Africans Living Abroad” (ALA) is a television broadcast featuring individuals of African descent residing amongst the Diaspora.  ALA showcases the journey of each featured individual highlighting elements of their life’s successes but also life’s struggles with the hope to motivate viewers to limitless possibilities.

In life everyone has a personal testimony that is an account of his or her life’s struggles and successes.” –Mr. Dazia M. Fumbah